Hello all,
I upgraded my Macbook Pro to snow leopard and followed William G. Scotts Crystallography on OSX wiki to install CCP4 using Fink. I used the 64bit install with full compilation, not the pre-compiled binaries. When I start ccp4i I get a warning: Application initialization failed: version conflict for package "Tcl": have 8.5.7, need exactly 8.5 but everything seems to work until I try to see the log graphs, where I get the same error followed by: Error in startup script: dlsym(0x1006c47f0, Blt_Unload): symbol not founddlsym(0x1006c47f0, Blt_SafeUnload): symbol not foundversion conflict for package "Tcl": have 8.5.7, need exactly 8.5
    while executing
"load $library BLT"
    (procedure "LoadBLT" line 30)
    invoked from within
"LoadBLT 2.4 /sw64/lib/blt2.4"
    ("package ifneeded BLT 2.4" script)
    invoked from within
"package require BLT"
    (file "/sw64/share/xtal/ccp4-6.1.2/ccp4i/bin/loggraph.tcl" line 47)
    invoked from within
"source [file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) bin loggraph.tcl]"
    (file "/sw64/share/xtal/ccp4-6.1.2/bin/loggraph" line 5)

What can I do to get everything working?


P.S. Special thanks to W.G.Scott for the wonderful Wiki!

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