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One of our CRT monitors broke recently, and in the context of bemoaning the loss to a friend I was told that LCD monitors will not work for stereo viewing. I understood the reason to be related to the difference in refresh rates (?), with LCD's not being fast enough so that the viewer is left seeing ghosts. The effect, which I have not seen first hand, was described to me as capable of making most hapless stereo viewers very ill, very fast. I would encourage you to plumb the depths of knowledge on this subject further, but that is my simple understanding.

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Hello everyone,
Sorry for a non-CCP4 related question again. Can anyone let me know how to make stereo work on linux with Zalman monitor with Coot? Is it as simple as what we do with CRT monitors? Or do we need something else? We presently use CRT monitors on a Quadro FX 4600 graphics card. I would like to move to LCDs.

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