Hi Liu

Looks like (on the images you show) that you have a nice conformational
difference for some of the helices between the 2 structures...

Happy Hols

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Hi Liu,

If I understand your question correctly, youre asking "how different  
do two structures need to be for one to be "new'". If by "new" you  
mean a new fold, then the answer is NO. Your structure and the homolog  
have the same fold.

However, if your structure is the first structure of a protein in a  
new class, then your structure is a new insight for that reason (e.g.  
it is the first structure of a Unobtainium-metalloprotease).

If it is not the first structure of a protein from a new class, lets  
say a previous structure of Unobtainium-metalloprotease has been  
solved using H. sapiens' sequence, but your protein is the first D.  
melanogaster ortholog solved, then your structure is a new insight for  
that reason.

So, in a nut-shell, I guess what I am saying is that your protein is  
not a new fold, but is almost certainly "new" by some qualification,  
and you will know best what that qualification is. I hope that helps,  
cheers and happy holidays~


> On 20/12/2010 10:49, <Liu Zhao > wrote:
>> The structure of my protein is as shown as the purple one. Another
>> ,as shown as green,is homologous .But the structure of my protein
>> be obtained by using molecular replacement. And both structures have
>> much different, especially in B chain. If my structure is a new one?
>> thank you for help.
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