Hi Francis

It works okay for me on OSX Mavericks when I use the “official” Mosflm build 
rather than the CCP4 one (choose the “X11” option when downloading).

I don’t think the CCP4 build of Mosflm includes the X11 GUI (since we’ve been 
trying for many years to wean people off it…). 

I’m assuming when you say you get a hang that it reads the commands but the X11 
GUI doesn’t appear (but I could be wrong).

It’s probably worth saying here that if people have features that they really 
do miss from the old GUI that they would like to see in iMosflm, then please 
let us know - if there’s enough demand we will do our best to oblige 
(particularly if it’s a straightforward addition to the code…).

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> Hi all,
> Anyone having issues getting ipmosflm to connect to XQuartz? I'm getting a 
> hang when running go just when I expect the old GUI to load. 
> Thanks,
> F
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