A postdoctoral fellow position is available immediately at the Paul Scherrer 
Institute in the group of Dr. Xiaodan Li at the Laboratory of Biomolecular 
Research (https://www.psi.ch/lbr/li_-xiaodan). The group has track record on 
structure determination of membrane protein using 2D and 3D crystals and is 
currently expanding the structure determination using to single particle 
cryo-EM. We are looking for a single particle cryo-EM postdoctoral research 
with experience in sample preparation and optimization, data analysis, 
processing and reconstruction. Previous experience working with membrane 
proteins will be an advantage but not a prerequisite. 

The Laboratory of Biomolecular Research at PSI has all facilities and 
instruments for protein expression, purification, biochemical and biophysical 
analysis (https://www.psi.ch/lbr/laboratory-of-biomolecular-research), as well 
as the full access to the PSI crystallization facility and the Swiss Light 
Source synchrotron radiation facility 
(https://www.psi.ch/sls/pxiii/crystallisation-facility). The group benefits 
from the in-house 200 kV screening transmission electron microscope (JEOL 
JEM2200). Furthermore, the group has access to the center for cellular imaging 
and nano analytics (C-CINA) in the University of Basel including the K2 and 
Falcon II direct detector-equipped Titan Krios microscope for high-resolution 
imaging and Polara (300kV) with K2 and MediPix Direct electron detector for 
electron nanocrystallography (https://c-cina.unibas.ch/).

Interested candidates could send an e-mail to xiao...@psi.ch for informal 
inquires.  The application should include a cover letter describing the 
candidate`s research interests and motivation to apply, the CV and list of 
publications, and contact details of three referees.

Reply via email to