We use the liquidator96 and are very happy with it.  You have to use their own 
tips but they fit well and as long as you use it properly it works really well. 
 I trialled a few other makes but this works well for us.

Best wishes


Dr Clare E.M. Stevenson
John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park
Colney Lane
Tel 01603 450734

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Dear All,
It looks like our old Hydra died of old age, and new Hydras seem quite 
expensive. We are now looking for an optimal way to transfer crystallisation 
screens from the deep well blocks into crystallisation plates.  We were told 
Liquidator96 from Rainin, 5-200mkl worked well and was very easy to use.
Are there any other suggestions - what do you use in your labs, how much did 
the instruments cost, are you happy with them?
Thanks a lot!

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