Dear crystallographers,

Lately when refining a structure (at 2.8A) with Refmac5 I've found that nearly 
all Arg residues get distorted at one angle:  NE-CZ-NH1(2). Starting model has 
120*, final model 123*(117*), which validation server considers a major issue. 
May any of you recognize why is this happening? Don't remember seeing anything 
like this before.
Current CCP4 version 7.0.050; Refmac5 version 5.8.0189.

Last structure deposited in December'17 did not have those issues. CCP4 version 
then was 7.0.047; Refmac5 version was the same.

Thank you for your time.


Vaheh Oganesyan
MedImmune, ADPE

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