I strongly recommend doing a full validation and error check with the 
validation server 




*BEFORE* you submit the actual deposition for annotation.

Due to various shortcomings of the deposition software (e.g. the old validation 
report remaining in the validation pages

despite you fixed the errors) it is a total pain for both, the depositor and 
the annotators, to fix things after the annotation.


Best, BR 


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Hi Jinyu,


You will get the full validation reports once the entries are annotated by the 
PDB and you will be notified. The reports can then be accessed after logging 
into the respective deposition sessions.







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Hi All, I have not deposited structures for a while and hope to get some 
information from here. I recently deposited 2 structures. I got the preliminary 
validation report and is still in communication with pdb staff regarding 
details of the deposition. My question is when I would be able to get the” 
confidential validation report” . I am waiting for these reports to submit the 
paper?  Thanks a lot in advice for your inputs.




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