Dear colleagues,

slightly off topic question, but we have several issues with our Formulatrix imager and I would like to get some meanings of other users.
If there are still some... ;-)

Since some weeks we are loosing the interior LED storage illumination on startup. They lamps start burning, but went off some seconds after robotics start. Furthermore, we lost the plate barcode scanner several times. I was able to get it running by some "eject load port / scan load port" cycles.

And an older problem is concerning the zooming motor: we had to go slow down in the motor speed 2 years ago, but the error is still there. Of course, I contacted Formulatrix and they want to service the zoom motor mechanics. After several years of operation an acceptable task, but they also suggested to perform preventative work on

PSR-Z bearing block
Peltier wiring

Is there any user who had problems with the two last items and may be similar observations with the scanner and the illumination?

Any hint - may be off line - is highly appreciated.
Depending on the reports I would send a summary to the BB.

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