Dear Madhurina,

we answered this question offline, but as it may be of more general
interest I wanted to comment on the problem, which was happening with an
old ccp4 release. Arcimboldo was in the menu of the Windows interface while
there is no Windows version for any of the arcimboldo programs. It is good
to update as it eliminates known problems like this and anyway programs are
getting better all the time.
In any case, a log file and .html output will be produced straightaway,
reporting on the outcome of checks for compatibility of the version with
phaser and shelxe as well as the soundness of the input. The .html file
will be updated as the job proceeds if the program is running. Time will
depend on the hardware and parameterization but the case described should
take less than two hours.

Best wishes,

Claudia Millán


Claudia Millán (

Crystallographic Methods Group

Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona (IBMB-CSIC)

Barcelona, Spain




2018-02-18 13:41 GMT+01:00 Madhurima Roy <>:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to solve a crystal structure of a small protein of molecular
> weight 7 kDa. Since the molecular replacement failed I am trying to run ab
> initio phasing method Arcimboldo_lite under CCP4 suite. I have 2.4 angstrom
> dataset whose scaled mtz file has been given as input for Arcimboldo_lite.
> It has been two days the program still running. Can anyone tell me how
> much time does the program needs to give the result?
> What will be the output of the program ?
> Madhurima

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