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Reminder for CCP-EM Spring Symposium.  Similar to CCP4 Study Weekend
this conference
aims to provide a forum to highlight state of the art developments in
computational cryoEM and related themes as well as showcasing outstanding
recent applications. We promote an inclusive, friendly atmosphere welcoming
both old and new to the community. Topics range from detector developments,
image processing, single particle reconstruction, high resolution model
building & validation, machine learning, tomography and electron

The conference will be held 11-12th April at Keele University 2018
conference centre. Confirmed speakers include:

Mark Basham (Diamond)
SuRVoS: software for volume segmentation.

Sacha de Carlo (Dectris)
Detector technologies for high-resolution TEMs.

Ana Casanal (MRC-LMB)
Architecture of eukaryotic mRNA 3′-end processing machinery.

Peter Cherepanov (Crick Institute)
A supramolecular assembly mediates lentiviral DNA integration.

Paul Emsley (MRC-LMB)
Coot model-building for cryoEM.

Hans-Werner Fink (Zurich University)
“Holography with Low-Energy Electrons: a Tool for Single Molecule
Structural Biology.”

Achilleas Frangakis (Goethe University Frankfurt)
“Image reconstruction and reliability algorithms for electron tomography.”

Tim Gruene (Paul Scherrer Institut)
"Collecting Diffraction Data with an Electron Microscope."

Nicola Guerrini (STFC)
Direct electron detector development at STFC from the Falcon and beyond.

Ben Himes (Janelia)
emClarity: software for sub-tomogram alignment and classification for
hetrogeneous specimens.

Arjen Jakobi (TU Delft)
“Improving density interpretation by local sharpening of cryo-EM density

Corinne Smith (University of Warwick)
High resolution cryo-electron microscopy of clathrin cage networks.

Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano (CSIC Madrid)
"Complex Image Processing Workflows and High resolution reconstructions
using Scipion."

Chris Russo (MRC-LMB)
Ewald sphere correction using a single side-band image processing
Charge accumulation in electron cryomicroscopy.
Microscopic charge fluctuations cause minimal contrast loss in cryoEM.

Beata Turonova (EMBL)
Efficient 3D-CTF correction for cryo-electron tomography using NovaCTF
improves subtomogram averaging resolution to 3.4 Å.

Giulia Zanetti (Birkbeck)
Cryo-EM Structure of a Relaxase Reveals the Molecular Basis of DNA
Unwinding during Bacterial Conjugation.

Kai Zhang (MRC-LMB)
Gctf: real-time CTF determination and correction.

Xiaodong Zhang (Imperial)
Cryo-EM structures of the human INO80 chromatin-remodeling complex.

Registration site:
Registration fees:
PI/Industrial: £175.00
Student/PostDoc: £100.00

We have also ensured reasonably priced accomodation is available from Keele
University (£70/room/night; available on registration).

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