Dear Dr. Anastassis,

                                     In my practical experience, (homo)
oligomeric helical proteins have greater 222 nm (more negative mdeg) dips
compared to 208 nm, whereas in contrast the coiled coils have greater 208
nm dips over 222, and the depth at 208 nm increases with the total number
of coils present in the protein.

          Interestingly, the CD thermal denaturation profiles for both
helical and coiled coils, show a linear dependence with temperature in the



On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:23 AM, Anastassis Perrakis <>

> Dear all,
> I suspect that helical bundles and coiled coils would have different CD
> spectra? Are you aware of a paper that has shown that (or the opposite ā€¦).
> Would anyone know another experimental method (*) to check this quickly?
> Thanks
> A.
> (*) Other than solving the structure by crystallography or EM; or SAXS (we
> have the SAXS data and they are clear, but ā€œI" need something on top).
> ā€œIā€ Imaginary referee #3


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