Hi Everyone,

I am seeing something strange with HKL 3000R with regard to the mosaicity 
histogram and was wondering if anyone has come across something like it before. 
From the HKL 2000 manual  I understand that the mosaicity histogram should to 
go through 0 close to 0.5 partiality, to have higher values in the negative 
zone and to go down to close to 0 at +mosaicity/2. I am  working on a Rigaku 
system (XtaLAB MM003 , AFC11 Partial-χ 4-axis goniometer , PILATUS 200K 
detector) and it came with HKL 3000R. I have looked at quite a few different 
crystals from Lysozyme to RNA and in every case the first zone in the histogram 
is the 0 zone and it is (somewhat) close to  0.5 partiality and the histogram 
goes down from there to close to 0 at + mosaicity/2. But the histogram has 
nothing in negative zones. I am trying to understand how that can be and if 
this indicates a problem of some kind. Or maybe I am simply doing something 
stupid wrong? I am using a 3D window that covers about twice the mosaicity. I 
have seen it with data that were collected with 0.25,  0.5 or 1 degree 
oscillation.  I appreciate any advice.

Thanks - Annette

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