Hi everyone,

The early registration deadline and travel scholarship deadline for
UXSS 2018 is approaching - see below.  Please direct all questions to
the UXSS chairs, address at the very bottom.


The Ultrafast X-ray Summer Seminar (UXSS) 2018 will take place at SLAC
National Accelerator Laboratory, in Menlo Park, California, 24-28 June

UXSS is an annual event jointly organized by the Stanford PULSE
Institute at SLAC and the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL)
at DESY.  UXSS is intended to introduce students and postdocs to the
latest science that is enabled by novel X-ray Free Electron Lasers. The
program will be highly interdisciplinary, with topics ranging from
materials physics to structural biology. The list of confirmed speakers
can be found below.  There will also be a coursework exercise involving
a mock proposal for the LCLS, with the help of experienced mentors.

The UXSS 2018 website is now online with more information:

Registration is open! Early registration will continue until April 30,
and registration will close on June 4. Limited travel scholarships are
available in the amounts of $500 (domestic) or $1000 (foreign) to help
cover the cost of travel and lodging. Students will have the
opportunity to apply for travel scholarships upon registration until
April 20.


Frank Abild-Pederson (SLAC)

Phil Bucksbaum (SLAC, Stanford University)

Claudia Draxl (University of Berlin)

Nils Huse (University of Hamburg)

So Iwata (Kyoto University)

Hae Ja Lee (SLAC)

Giorgio Margaritondo (EPFL)

Ian McNulty (Argonne National Laboratory)

Mariano Trigo (SLAC)

We hope to see you at SLAC this Summer!

Amy Cordones-Hahn (PULSE) and Michael Sentef (CFEL)
Co-chairs, UXSS 2018


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