ZoBio (www.zobio.com) was founded in 2004 and is located in Leiden,
Netherlands. We offer innovative research services in the field of
small-molecule drug discovery to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Our international team of 40 people covers five fields of expertise:
Protein Sciences, Assay Development and Screening, Structural Biology,
Medicinal Chemistry, and Data and Information Sciences.

We are looking to strengthen our Structural Biology team with an
enthusiastic scientist with a track record in protein X-ray crystallography.
The structural biology team plays a critical role in supporting our
clients’ drug discovery programs by providing structural insights into
protein-ligand complexes by both NMR spectroscopy and X-ray
crystallography. Our crystallization laboratory is equipped with
state-of-the-art liquid handlers and automated imagers, and we have regular
access to the main European synchrotrons. The team is involved in many
projects with challenging targets and engaged in exploring innovative

It is fully expected that the successful candidate will become a permanent
and integral member of the ZoBio team after an initial 12-month contract. A
tailored remuneration package will be proposed in line with individual
qualifications and experience. The position is immediately available; the
evaluation and assessment of candidates will run until the position is


As a member of the Structural Biology group, you will work on site in the
laboratory primarily to support crystallization and structure determination
of protein-ligand complexes. You will work with minimal supervision but in
a highly collaborative environment within the Structural Biology group and
will effectively cooperate on a per-project basis with other research
groups at ZoBio. Your role will require working simultaneously on multiple
projects in a rapidly evolving environment. You will:

Provide input to research projects:

   - Design and implement (co-) crystallization and soaking strategies
   utilizing automation and robotics
   - High-throughput and -quality structure elucidation and interpretation
   of biological macromolecules in complexes with small molecules of interest
   - Troubleshoot proactively various challenges relating to protein
   - Perform experiments with deadlines
   - Report project results in an accurate and concise manner, both
   verbally and written
   - Keep up to date with relevant literatures and developments in the
   field of protein crystallography

Organize logistics, planning and quality control for research projects:

   - Contribute to the overall quality control process of data that is
   generated by the group members
   - Control the integrity of data imported in project databases
   - Develop innovative approaches to protein crystallization and/or
   structure determination, including evaluation of new technologies that
   support and improve the workflow
   - Share knowledge, observations, and insights within the group and ZoBio
   to improve quality and efficiency of project proceedings
   - Collaborate with clients, external CROs and suppliers


 The ideal candidate has a strong background in biochemistry, biophysics or
structural biology and at least 4 years of hands-on experience in protein
crystallization and structure determination using standard crystallization
software (e.g., CCP4, Phenix). Hands-on experience with crystallization
robots and understanding of molecular interactions in the context of ligand
modelling is desirable; a willingness to learn is required. The multitude
of ongoing projects in a rapidly changing environment demands a flexible,
creative, and highly organized person with hands-on mentality and excellent
communication skills.

Required competencies include:

   - Problem analysis: ability to identify problems, recognize important
   information, make connections between data, and trace possible causes of
   - Creativity: ability to come up with original solutions, and think
   ‘out-of-the-box’ to design novel strategies
   - Work standards: setting high quality standards with respect to
   performance of experiments and data analysis, and act accordingly
   - Oral and written communication: ability to communicate in a clear,
   persuasive, and effective way to colleagues and clients about ideas, and to
   report project progress in an accurate and reproducible manner
   - Adaptability: ability to adjust one’s behavior, planning, and
   organization in response to frequent changes, delays, and unexpected events
   - Teamwork: ability to contribute actively to a joint result or
   solution, even when such teamwork concerns a matter which is not of
   immediate personal interest
   - Tenacity: ability to stay with a plan of action or point of view until
   the desired goal has been attained or is no longer reasonably attainable
   - Planning and organization: ability to plan and organize tasks and
   projects to meet the defined goals

Please send your CV, motivation letter and names of potential referees to <
h...@zobio.com*>* with the subject: “Scientist in Protein Crystallography”.


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