Firstly I am pleased to be able to say I have five different PDP-8 front panels all in stock.

Secondly a big thank you to Jack Rubin for mentioning my panels in his presentation at the Chicago show.

I have the artwork for the PDP-8/L done and I'll get a run done as soon as I get enough interested parties.

Thanks to Vince I have been able to make a working PDP-8/i lights board.

As we all know the 8/i is made up of a wire wrap back plane and loads of flip chip modules.

I am only mad not totally insane. So reproducing that lot is not possible.

So its the Raspberry Pi and simH  route for me.

First job is to go and have another look at what Oscar did/is doing.

I know he muxed the lamps on his board. He usually open sources everything.

In keeping with my plug compatible philosophy

I'll go as far as paddle cards and DEC style edge connectors on my PiBoard

The switches are the butterfly rocker type. I should be able to pick up an odd one as a sample.

I know Oscar is looking at this whole question so I'll get an update from him.

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

PDP-8/e PDP-8/f PDP-8/m PDP-8/i
Front Panels ex Stock - Order Now

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