On 04/10/16 05:49, Rod Smallwood wrote:
Hi All

        I have just had a huge DEC Miro Fiche library  given to me.

It has the portable (weighs a ton) reader with it.

On trying it out.  I found the results were awful.
A good clean of the light path and removal of some disintegrating foam improved things no end.
That left two issues:

     1.    The reader was for x 42 but the fiches are  x52.

2. The plastic fiche holder consisting of two sheets of stiff and clear plastic connected together at one end is scratched to hell.

Any idea eactly which fiche reader you have? I have one that DEC FS used to lug around on site visits. I'll dig it out tomorrow (if I remember) and make a note of exactly which one I have.

I've never noticed an issue with reading the fiche I have - but then most of my fiche came with the reader and so obviously matched up. But I do have some fiche that came to me separately (not all DEC fiche, but all DEC-related)
and that all looks good too.

How can you tell whether fiche is intended for 42x or 52x or whatever? (I had a quick look at one or two and I couldn't
see anythig obvious ...)

BTW: I did semi-catalogue what I have (i.e. listing the fiche part number and the documents contained therein).
Has anyone thought of putting together some sort of registry?


Antonio Carlini

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