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> I found an Allen Bradley box which uses this, not sure if it needs a hub,
> but points to the use of the hardware.
> Allen-Bradley-Data-Highway-Communication-Interface-1770-KF2-Ser-B-Rev-D-/
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/391591793086

Data Highway brings back memories that aren't that old really. Its an
industrial communications network produced by Allen Bradley. I've used
it mostly for what would be called a machine cell: HMI connected to a
machine controller and then some ancillary equipment. It was 156k bps
(there were other speeds too depending on cable length), token
passing, multi-drop network over shielded twisted pair. The 1770-KF2
is sort of AUI for Data Highway. It allowed a computer or PLC with a
serial port to communicate on the network.

I remember the Pyramid Integrator advertisements that include VAX
connections. PLC programming software was offered for VMS. That was
all too high end for the industries we were involved in. We used
Compaq Portable 3 with 1784-KT cards in the 3 slot ISA box that
plugged on the back.

Data Highway was still reasonably current with Rockwell until ethernet
became dirt cheap and ubiquitous.


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