I love this  Mysteries at the Museum show but  sometimes   some of the pros 
they use are a bit off!
FACT checking props on Mysteries at the Museum! Why is link using a  200 A 
or B HP audio Oscillator!  there he is at a work bench with this HP  thing  
and a set of bellows  allegedly 1929   era.
I laughed  my ass off.....   Ed#
from history...
The  Origin of the Link  Trainer.  Today in aviation history, on April 14, 
1929, Edwin A. Linkfiled  his patent application for his first Link  
and  what of HP first product? the  200a and  the special  one  for Disney?
    *   Work begins 
    *   HP invents first product 
    *   Oscillators for Walt Disney

ok....  there we  go! just can't be near 1929.. now  I  am sure  some time  
Link   Had or his people used   early HP stuff...
but not  in the  time  frame as presented in 29 or   neat  29.

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