On 10/14/2016 7:29 PM, Tony Aiuto wrote:
I used most of the SEL/Gould/Encore machines.  The 32/77 was an original
SEL design, from before Gould bought them. It ran MPX-32, their real-time
OS. TTL based. The 32/87 was ECL, in a much bigger cabinet. They made
slight hardware changes to the 32/77 and 32/75 and released them as the
PowerNode PN7000 and PN5000, which ran UTX-32, their Unix port. IIRC, we
took a few 77's and changed one board in the chassis to turn them into

The instruction set was more RISC-y than CISC-y. The floating point was
base 16 exponent rather than base 2. Because of the way they did
normalization, there were a lot of bit patterns which were impossible
results. I made a lot of use of those to represent special values.

I'm glad it was saved.

Bob: I may have a lot of software for it, if I can find the tapes and they
are still readable. I even got hold of their secret C compiler port.

That's great! Might actually end up being a useful system. It will be interesting to see if any peripherals are in the cabinets. Are they multiprocessor capable? The photos had two control panels on one of the cabinets implying two systems, or two CPU's in the cabinet.


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