I know it is a long shoot !

The IBM 6715 / Actionwriter was one of the last daizy wheel typewriter made by 
IBM Germany.
( said to be made to last at least half century, German design   ;-)  )

It has "kind" of a RS232 port on the back, 

I was unable to find any information on this port which was intended to support 
two "extremely rare" !!! IBM options
one beeing a REAL RS232 port, the other some kind of display of the two last 
line typed.

I wonder if someone has even connected this typewriter to a computer.

It would be fun to use it like a "modern" TTY

but I think the problem is probably that this typewriter expect a "lot of" (??) 
proprietary commands to set
type spacing, margins, baud rate etc ....

Any advice ?? Any help ??

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