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Has anyone built or had any experience with this (or any other) RL02

This is the end status of the page. in update 1.1B, he states that the board is not available, but shows the board:


In update 1.1C there are some project files. I have saved them to look at, but don't know if enough is there to try to duplicate his work, or if it will result in a working drive emulation.

Project information

Technical information:
MFM decoder  http://www.pdp11gy.com/MFM-D.html
MFM encoder  http://www.pdp11gy.com/MFME-D.html

Project information:

The beginning  http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist2D.html
Architecture   http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist3D.html
Flow chart  http://www.pdp11gy.com/hist1D.html

perhaps someone can contact him. I won't put his email address or name here for archival, but it is on
this page:


Looks like a nice project to help with, or pick up.

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