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For those curious about the equipment that sold last week, I put together an 
album from my brief stop on Saturday. Let me know if you have trouble viewing 

On closer inspection it appears the documentation for that GP-4, as well as 
some of the other computers, sold to different parties (the value being in the 
shelving and cabinets).

I'm still losing sleep over that GP-4. From all appearances it was a turn-key 
setup (in theory). Unfortunately, the auction site immediately removes closed 
lots from their webpage so no idea what it sold for, or if it went to a 
scrapper. I suspect it was billed as 'cabinets of aviation equipment'. Being 3 
hours away I can't exactly run over there and pin a note on it.

Some further digging on the net revealed a photo in the Motorola Annual Report 
1965 featuring the machine touting Moto's new ECL logic. Apparently it was 
designed for aviation simulation but included facilities for being a general 
purpose machine. -C

Thanks for taking the pictures! Now that I can see a clear picture of the front panel on those SEL/Gould machines, I *really* wish I'd bid on one...

Thanks for getting a picture of the TI-980 -- do you recall if photo IMG_5542 is from the same rack as the TI? I'm curious what was behind that door on the top and I can't wait until it gets here to find out :).

I hope that most of this stuff will end up in the hands of people who won't shred it for gold content, but...

- Josh

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