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Subject: Re: MASSBUS disk emulator (Was: Unibus controller for MFM disks)

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:20:58PM -0400, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > From: Ian S. King
>     >> Does anyone know anything about the status of the plans to
>     >> it?
>     > I've made some inquries, stay tuned....
> OK, thanks!
>     >> Can you briefly describe what it was? 
> I'm still curious about what it was: was it a stand-alone board with a 
> separate power supply, or did it plug into some sort of backplane? Did 
> it use something like SD cards for storage? And what was the MASSBUS 
> connection
> like: a set of 3 Berg headers into which one plugged the flat cables, 
> or was there some oddball connector that wound up connected to a 
> standard MASSBUS connector?
>       Noel

I recall seing a picture of it long ago in someones online album. It was a
separate 19 inch box a few RUs high with at least one pcb and a jumble of
wires :) Obviously in some sort of development stage and I'm not sure it was
working at that point.

I think it might even be the compaq rackbox shown here:


Of course this is just speculation :)



Maaaaaybe there are three ribbon cables back there ....

What is the big white disk (platters plus heads?) near the front end of the


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