On 10/18/16 6:39 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:

     > From: Paul Birkel

     > Maaaaaybe there are three ribbon cables back there

Sure looks like it, and running to a standard MASSBUS connector, to boot.
(Not that I have any use for the latter - absolutely no MASSBUS cables at
all. But one could just run flat cables from this, to one's RH11/RH70.)

I don't see a second MASSBUS connector, wonder what they do about
termination? Maybe it's onboard? So I guess one could only have one
of these things per MASSBUS port? Not really a problem, of course! ;-)
I can shed a bit of light here. There are two components involved. On the emulation end, there is a PCI card with an FPGA that implements the interface logic; and there is software on a PC that deals with device logic and storage. Between the PC and the MASSBUS interface on the host machine, there is a driver/receiver board that adapts signal levels between MASSBUS and the FPGA.

We _definitely_ need to put these things in 'production'.


- Josh


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