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Very true, but didn't honestly think of that in context of the
thread, nor have I ever had any Digital Group stuff.  And does any
Digital Group cause any injuries requiring orthopedic medical
attention when you are lifting it?

thanks jim

Only borderline, I think the total weight of the system box was around 40lbs.  The 
standard box was a little bigger than the Altair 8800, I think.  Wider by about 10" 
or so.  I built a bunch of their kits when I was 17/18 before I went to college.  Tried 
to make my own chassis and P/S but finally had to give in and buy the dg one.  I had a 
2.5Mhz Z80a, 26kB ( 3x8k +2k on CPU board) memory, an audio cassette tape storage 
interface and a Panasonic 12 (13"?) B/W TV cobbled into a surplus DEC VT52 style 
case that I bought from that famous (in the 70's) surplus place in Massachusetts. Poly 
Paks*? I can't remember the name.

I kind of wish I still had that system.  But after college, I never was back 
near home and eventually my parents asked if it was okay to sell it and I gave 
them permission.  someone packed it up and hauled it off. I hope it's still out 
there somewhere.

John H. Reinhardt

*Yes, Poly Paks.  Found a discussion  
I also bought an old vector display unit from then, there as an article in Byte 
about turning one into a display and playing Space War on it.  Never got it to 
work though. Parents sold it off either when I was away in college or after I 
graduated and wasn't at home.

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