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Thanks to everyone for the response on keys. I am sorry I don’t know how I missed all the collected information here on this subject. My apologies. I now have all the information I need on this subject! Thanks everyone.

If you can, you should remove the lock and take it with you to the locksmith when you go to get your xx2247 key made.

1) It makes it convenient to test the newly-cut key, and/or resolve any uncertainties about it.

2) In SOME jusrisdictions, there are local regulations forbidding code-cutting of keys, without varying levels of PROOF that you own/have said lock. That is nominally so that, since many locks have their code-name displayed, that somebody doesn't walk into a locksmith and get keys cut for other people's locks.

5 years ago, in the previous discussion of the XX2247, a couple of people measured their keys. If you don't have a code-cutting locksmith handy, those discussions were just about all you would need to machine your own blank and cut it yourself.

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