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> Yep, I found that one, but it's not useful for actually repairing anything
> beyond basic board-swapping.

Internally HP maintained Technical Information Packages on their products which
actually had the useful information, though it isn't THAT useful since it 
cover the innards of all of their ASICs, which had separate ERSs or TIPs.
That knowledge isn't that helpful though since there is pretty much no chance of
finding them at this late date unless an engineer squirreled away a copy 

CHM obtained what was left of the paper and software of the 9000/Apollo support 
group in
Roseville about ten years ago and I went through it all and scanned pretty most 
it. The rare stuff (like TIPs) are on line, product documents are still in the 
to-do pile of

When MAME started supporting the 68K 9000s, I made an effort to go through all 
of my machines
and dump the firmware. I didn't have a 375, which is why it isn't there. It 
would be nice if
some other collectors (Bear?) would dump any firmware out of their machines. 
The later ones
are a bit of a hassle because they went to PLCC instead of DIP parts.

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