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 From a seller's point of view, they've got a keypunch that's worth less
painted than if it were original, unless you're an art fanatic with lots of
space to display such a thing. Me, I'd rather have a clean example to
demo/use. The time and cost to strip it to make it presentable just isn't
worth it, so at this point I'd wager the larger audience either wants it
for parts (in which case $599 is probably also too much) or to the keyboard
enthusiasts who probably gave a couple hundred for that KB. -C

If I got a painted machine like that - I'd never try to "restore" it to some grey/blue something. I'd consider the psychedelic dessin as original because it was still in use while looking that way. I am sure that there is an (unknown) story behind that. For me it would be very interesting to get to know this story...

What are keyboard collectors?!? That sounds really bad. Don't like the idea. And much steampunk is dangerous for collectibles and plain shit. Steampunk might only be justified if you really build really working weird machines and devices - not just mocking up something. So if you come up with a blinking brass steam boat which features a mechanical computer as auto-pilot, I guess that will be fine.


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