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> wrote:
> I dont think I've heard if the history of the technology behind cds. Was it 
> SRI? I only thought the first cdrom software at least was that encyclopedia 
> on CD?
> This being 14" just sounds like a disk platter. 

It's obviously not a CD.  It might be just a brown disk with scratches, being 
sold as something unusual to the gullible.  Or it might be an optical disk of 
some sort, but not all optical disks are CDs.

I don't know if DEC was the first to publish software on CDROM; it certainly 
was fairly early.  I remember hearing that DEC was building a CD factory to be 
able to do so -- that apparently was before you could find people to do it for 
you.  I forgot the date; not long after audio CDs appeared.  The VMS License 
Manager was invented to deal with software on CDs, I think.


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