On 9/29/11 6:58 AM, Shoppa, Tim wrote:
> Probably from an Ontel OP-1 system in the late 70's or very early 80's.
> The OP-1 was somewhere between a configurable terminal and a dedicated word 
> processor depending on firmware and peripherals installed. Peripherals did 
> include 8" floppies in the high end, I saw this being used in car dealerships 
> back in the early 80's as the front end to a central-office PDP-11 system.
> There are at least a few other manufacturers that used 8" floppies on a DB25 
> cable. E.g. the RX01 cabinet kit for a WPS-8 system. I would not expect to 
> find any of them using compatible pinouts or even "interface concepts". E.g. 
> the RX01 is a dedicated serial bus with some smarts (or at least a state 
> machine) at the drives. The DSD-440 line used a different dedicated serial 
> bus (26 pin ribbon cable IDC's usually but I think I saw it routed over a 
> DB-25 at least once) and a microprocessor in the drive. I'm guessing your 
> board that sits between 50-pin Shugart and 25-pin connectors, doesn't have 
> much smarts, it probably just drops the many unused signal lines and 
> consolidates many of the grounds.

thread from the dead..

was working on cleaning out a room full of boxes in storage, and found several 
dozen Ontel 8" floppy disks

also forgot I bought the manuals for the system, which I will put up as soon as 
I can get some more
disk space on bitsavers

does anyone have a system?

I see one person in the UK with the Telefunken version (Telecomp 5200)


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