Sigh (envy), I need to relocate to US. Does anyone need a poor engineer ?

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Inviato: sabato 5 agosto 2017 08:39
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Oggetto: VCF West: 90's Workstations On Consignment for $5 each

I've loaded up the car and will be putting the following in the Consignment 
Room at VCF West in the morning. These were all rescued from Mesa Electronics a 
couple months ago.

I'm asking for a $5 donation to VCFed for 24 of these items, just to support 
the event (one is free). There are multiple examples of most of

 - Personal DECstation 5000/25 (MIPS)
 - DECstation 5000/1xx (MIPS)
 - DECstation 5000/240 (MIPS)
 - DEC 3000/300 (Alpha)
 - DEC 3000/400 (Alpha)
 - DEC 3000/600 (Alpha)
 - HP 712/80 (PA-RISC)
 - HP 715/80 (PS-RISC)
 - IBM POWERstation 230 (RS/6000)

Hope to see you there,

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