.SET DU CSR=17760340
?DU-W-Patch handler bootstrap, put CSR at 3264
As you may have already learned, use only 16bit addresses for this.
Hi Jerry,

Thanks, you found the failure! (it's always the same with Copy and Paste).
After I have corrected this to 160340 and afterwards all was running fine, and I was able to INIT the Disk. A format was still not possible, but I think this is normal and works as designed?!

Last step was to set the adapter CSR to the MSCP default, to bypass further issues due to the non default CSR. As there is at the moment no plan for additional MSCP adapter in this PDP, it will be fine.

After this change I was needed to restore the original DU.SYS, as booting was not possible, and a SYSGEN is by now not an option. (will look at it later on, to understand a bit more about)
?BOOT-U-â–’Conflicting SYSGEN options

Now I have managed to boot from the SCSI disk, which is a great result.

Trying DU0

Starting system from DU0

RT-11SJ (S) V04.00I

?KMON-F-File not found SY:RTPRES.SAV
?KMON-F-File not found SY:DATE.SAV
?KMON-F-Illegal device VW:
?KMON-F-Illegal device BS:
?KMON-F-Illegal device HC:


US    .SYS     7  26-Nov-91      TT    .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
DL    .SYS     4  26-Nov-91      DU    .SYS     4  26-Nov-91
RK    .SYS     3  26-Nov-91      DY    .SYS     4  26-Nov-91
DX    .SYS     3  26-Nov-91      LP    .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
SC    .SYS     5  26-Nov-91      HC    .SYS     5  26-Nov-91
BS    .SYS     3  26-Nov-91      VW    .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
NL    .SYS     2  26-Nov-91      LS    .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
SCMEV .SYS     5  26-Nov-91      SCVS11.SYS     4  26-Nov-91
SCEVA .SYS     4  26-Nov-91      LPMEV .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
LPLXY .SYS     2  26-Nov-91      LPSID .SYS     2  26-Nov-91
LPEVA .SYS     2  26-Nov-91      MS    .SYS    10  26-Nov-91
MM    .SYS     9  26-Nov-91      HC7221.SYS     4  26-Nov-91
HC7220.SYS     5  26-Nov-91      HC722T.SYS     5  26-Nov-91
US460 .SYS     7  26-Nov-91      US410 .SYS     7  26-Nov-91
HC7580.SYS     5  26-Nov-91      HC7550.SYS     5  26-Nov-91
HC7475.SYS     5  26-Nov-91      HC722C.SYS     5  26-Nov-91
SCMPR .SYS     5  26-Nov-91      DUORG .SYS     4  26-Nov-91
STARTS.COM     1  26-Nov-91      PIP   .SAV    23  26-Nov-91
DIR   .SAV    17  26-Nov-91      DUP   .SAV    41  26-Nov-91
RESORC.SAV    15  26-Nov-91      FORMAT.SAV    19  26-Nov-91
SWAP  .SYS    25  26-Nov-91      RT11SJ.SYS    65  26-Nov-91
CHKPNT.SYS   412  09-Aug-94
 43 Files, 763 Blocks
 58469 Free blocks

So next step is to look at a newer RT11 version, and try to install all from scratch.

Again many thanks!
Have a nice Weekend

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