On Aug 6, 2017 12:44 PM, "Sam O'nella via cctalk" <cctalk@classiccmp.org>

Theyre always out of my reach but is there a way to upgrade or convert
5100/5110s to IPL or basic or are you stuck with what you get?

I assume you meant APL.

In general you're stuck with what you get.

In principle if you found all of the necessary ROS (ROM) cards and wired a
switch or jumper to the backplane, you could convert a 5100/5110/5120 to
the other language or to dual-marked.

I need to design a 5100 language ROS card replacement, as one of the APL
language ROS chips in my 5100 model C has gone bad. It fails self-test.

There is also "executable ROS" associated with each language. The system
can't self-test that.

Naturally IBM made their own ROM chips which are neither pin nor
electrically compatible with industry standards. The backplane signals are
TTL compatible, though.

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