Will 310 ROMs work in a 300? I believe 310, 400, 600, and 1000 ROMs are
posted in Seth's emulator project's git hub. If not, I can resend them. 


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> Folks;
> I keep meaning to ask... a couple months ago, there was an eBay auction for a 
> fairly large assortment of miscellaneous ICs. IIRC there were a couple of 
> NS32016s, along with some other interesting spares. I was one of the 
> interested bidders, but did not win.
> In the lot were a small number of ROM chips with silkscreens like AATKJ, 
> AATKL, AARAM, etc. These are AT&T 3B2 ROMs; the AATKx ones in particular are 
> the original 3B2/300 ROMs that are missing from my machine. If somebody from 
> the list won this lot and doesn't know what to do with these ROM chips... I'd 
> love to hear from you.
> Thanks!
> ok
> bear.

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