Hi Paul,

Yes it's an 11/84 so 22Bit.

I corrected 1050 to 100421 and have now these outcome.

ROM ODT> 001000/012700
ROM ODT> 001002/172520
ROM ODT> 001004/012701
ROM ODT> 001006/172522
ROM ODT> 001010/005011
ROM ODT> 001012/105711
ROM ODT> 001014/100376
ROM ODT> 001016/012710
ROM ODT> 001020/001066
ROM ODT> 001022/105711
ROM ODT> 001024/100376
ROM ODT> 001026/012710
ROM ODT> 001030/001106
ROM ODT> 001032/105711
ROM ODT> 001034/100376
ROM ODT> 001036/012710
ROM ODT> 001040/001106
ROM ODT> 001042/105711
ROM ODT> 001044/100376
ROM ODT> 001046/005711
*ROM ODT> 001050/100421*
ROM ODT> 001052/012704
ROM ODT> 001054/001102
ROM ODT> 001056/005000
ROM ODT> 001060/005007
ROM ODT> 001062/046523
ROM ODT> 001064/140004
ROM ODT> 001066/001074
ROM ODT> 001070/000000
ROM ODT> 001072/000010
ROM ODT> 001074/001116
ROM ODT> 001076/000000
ROM ODT> 001100/000016
ROM ODT> 001102/000000
ROM ODT> 001104/140001
ROM ODT> 001106/000000
ROM ODT> 001110/000000
ROM ODT> 001112/001000
ROM ODT> 001114/000000
ROM ODT> 001116/000000

Commands are Help, Boot, List, Setup, Map and Test.
Type a command then press the RETURN key: B MS0

Trying MS0

Many Greetings


Am 10.08.2017 um 18:51 schrieb Paul Koning:
Does the console on your machine do 22 bit addressing?  You may need to ask for 
the CSR by its full 22 bit address, so 17772522.  The number you showed looks 
suspiciously like a powerup selftest memory check pattern.

Please excuse, maybe my understanding is wrong: Does this mean content of 
address 001050 should be 100421 instead of 100422?
Yes, that's what I meant.  Otherwise it branches to the first word of the 
message buffer, and if that's non-zero it wouldn't halt but do something 
different and probably rather strange.


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