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> Hi,
> On 08/11/17 19:58, Marvin Johnston via cctalk wrote:
>> And just to make it interesting, I have a number of hard disks (5mb to
>> maybe 20mb) of both 5.35" and 8". I've got several Lobo drives 8" hard
>> drives that I would love to get the information from since they came from
>> Lobo Drives when they shut down. Controllers could be a problem there.
I love kyroflux for the 300 rainbow floppies I just did. But you'll need a
supported drive, and the more exotic formats are dicier on main-stream
drives, though even the flippies work. And you can store it as flux
transitions, raw track data or arrays of sectors when reading data. I
thought I'd need that for the rainbow disks, but only the 123 disks had any
kind of odditiy as copy protection, but there's patches to cope with that.

> a related question (wanted to ask since long, but this post reminded me
> now):
> Is there a similar tool like IMD to dump (MFM-) hard disks?

There's a MFM emulator that also reads MFM hard disks.
https://www.pdp8.net/mfm/mfm.shtml is what I've used to image a couple of
MFM hard disks that I have. It also emulates MFM drives, which makes it
easy to switch between Venix and MS-DOS on my Dec Rainbow.


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