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However, I'm unable to format it. The controller doesn't appear to actually be laying down a format and attempts to read sectors after formatting fail with "ID Not Found" errors. I've tried several other known-working drives (another ST-225, a CDC 94025-51, and an ST-238 with the same results. (And yes, the terminator is present and accounted for on all drives.) I've run the Model II/12/16/6000 diagnostics and the controller passes with flying colors, as does the rest of the system.

Before I start digging in deeper to figure out what's going on, I'm curious if I've missed a step here. I know I'm not the first person to attempt this, anyone have any ideas?

Long shot:
Is this a system (like the 5160), where there are TWO format programs?
1) a physical low-level format done by special proprietary "non-user" (unobtanium?) software, followed by 2) a program named "FORMAT" that only sets up the logical structures, DIRectory, etc., and assumes that the low level format was previously done

THAT would certainly result in the "logical" format program choking on "ID not found", when the physical low level format wasn't to it's liking. (mutual incompatibility between most computers and controllers)

My aplogies if I'm asking granny whether she knows how to suck eggs. . .

Can you read the drive with the bad bearings (with a flux transition board?), enough to determine what physical low level format it has?
(any successful track with sector headers)

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