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>> Interesting. Count me in for 20'. I would want to pick up at VCF east.
>> These people have taps, but no transceivers.
>> https://www.connectorpeople.com/Connector/TYCO-AMP-TE_CONNECTIVITY/2/228752-1
>> Has anyone found the right terminators?
> It's simply a good quality 50 ohm terminator, coax type, with a matching 
> connector.  If you use standard 10Base5 conventions, the connectors are Type 
> N male, so you splice pieces together with F-F type N barrel connectors, and 
> you terminate with female type N 50 ohm terminators.  If you can't find 
> female terminators, a male terminator plus a barrel will of course serve.
If I could remember where the box is I have all the originals for
doing this stuff.  I gave all my vampire taps away long ago but
somewhere in all this junk I still have the hardware.  Just remember,
never ground both ends.  :-)


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