Thanks for helping me understand what this is.
My experience has been with Q-bus based Vaxes and this is very different in that SCSI controllers for Q-bus are rare while in this Alpha machine I've got too many!

You were right about the MIN boot, I went into SYSBOOT> SET STARTUP_P1 "      " to reset it from MIN.  Now the console comes up in DecWindows and all the devices are visible.
Now I know that the floppy is DVA0:.  This is a nice computer.


On 2/2/2018 7:55 PM, Adrian Graham via cctech wrote:
An update to this.

I picked up the Alphaserver today, powered up fine.  I reset the system 
password so I could log in.

It is running OpenVMS 7.1 and has 7 disks in the Storageworks box.

When I log in only the boot disk shows up from the $ show dev command.  Nothing 
else, no CD, no tape which are all there.

On powerup it shows:

bus 2 slot 0 pka Qlogic ISP10x0
bus 2 slot 1 ewa DecChip 21040-AA
bus 2 slot 2 pua DEC KFPSA
bus 0 slot 11 dra Mylex DAC960
bus 0 slot 12 drb Mylex DAC960
bus 3 slot 0 pkb Qlogic ISP10x0
You’ve got a KZP*A, DE500, DSSI, pair of KZPAC (probably) and another KZP*A

I think 4 of the storageworks disks are in a Raid in the storageworks (DRB).  
The DRA raid must have been external since on startup it spends time waiting 
for it and finally gives up.
I’d pull whichever KZPAC isn’t connected to anything any more along with the 
KFPSA which will speed up INIT if nothing else.

In console mode:

show dev
DKA400 RRD45
DKB400 RZ28
DKB500 RZ29
DKB600 RZ29
DRA0 4 member RAID 5
DRA1 1 member JBOD
DRB0 4 member RAID 5
MKA500 TLZ07
EWA0    mac address
The first KZP*A has the CDROM and tape drive so that’s probably a KZPAA (Qlogic 
QLA1040), the internal disk shelf must be split bus if you’ve got 7 drives in 
there, 3 on the 2nd KZPAA (or BA) and 4 on the KZPAC.

My desire is to setup this machine and use it, however, I don't want to undo 
things I can't put back together again.  Any thoughts or advice?
See above :) Take out boards that aren’t connected to anything. I assume you’re 
doing a MINIMUM boot which would explain the lack of devices when you log in?

Pictures may help too.


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