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What sites still exist that have VMS software?  I know the about the OpenVMS 
Freeware CD’s from HP VMS Engineering.
I'd suggest that you redirect your question to the comp.os.vms newsgroup.  I 
frequently see discussions there about software archives. In fact, you can 
probably search an archive of the group and find some answers to your question.
I need to see about getting back on comp.os.vms, I’ve not been active there in 
a decade.

Don't worry, it hasn't changed a bit.  :-)


I’m sure.  I just need to figure out how to get access, preferably with ’tin'.  
One of the reasons I dropped off was time, another was my ISP dropping USENET 


You might try <http://www.eternal-september.org> . I don't know if tin will 
work, but it's recommended by Hoff and others.  It's free and reasonably frustration 
free.  They have had a couple server hiccups in the last year though.  I use it via 
Thunderbird on my Mac without too much trouble.

Apparently tin will work. It's listed under their "FAQ" section as possibly 
needing a special tweak.

add the following line to the .newsauth file in your home directory (or create 
the file, if it doesn't exist) and make sure the file is only readable and 
writable for your user (chmod .newsauth 600):

news.eternal-september.org password username

and start tin with the -A option

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