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At the other extreme I have over a dozen Quantum D540s (RD52 31mb full
that are really old and getting older and still work without issues. Some of those
have sat on the shelf for a decade and work fine when I need one.
I've still got a Q540 mounted on its side in a MAD Intelligent Systems
case--I fired it up about a week ago and it's still working just fine.


A tangential question out of curiosity: who here has 5.25" MFM drives they're extremely surprised are still working, and which model(s)?

I'll start. I've quite a few MFM drives, but the ones that really surprise me are (2) Seagate ST-506, and (2) IMI CM-5412. My surprise is b/c these are amongst the earliest of models.

I've performed *some* work on all these drives, such as cleaning and caps reforming, but haven't yet discovered a way to lube motors & bearings. I think lube issues will spell their ultimate demise.

- John

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