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>>> Generally, the electromechanical stuff (motors) was run from 208V
>>> 3-phase and often, the electronics from 400Hz.
>>> At least that's what I recall.
>>> --Chuck
>> that isn't what the schematic looks like.
>> there is a low voltage transformer hung off one of the phases
> Perhaps that's only for controllers and CPUs and such.  It's been too
> long...

It varies.  Looking at CDC 6600 CPU cabinet power schematics, you can see 400 
Hz 3 phase powering the DC supplies, and 50/60 Hz three phase for the cooling 
system compressors.  An interesting detail is that the DC supplies seem to be 
unregulated, with choke input filters.  That makes some sense, the load is 
reasonably constant with the logic used in the 6600, and choke input supplies 
have decent regulation.

The DD60 console takes 400 Hz 3 phase for the high voltage supply, and uses 60 
Hz single phase (120 volt) for the other supplies.


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