Sounds like my days as a contract programmer for Burroughs; had the keys to the 
building and the combination to the (large) machine room and did all my 
compiling etc. in the night when I was the only one in the building. Some 
pictures somewhere of a much younger me at the console of a B2700...

The good old days when no one worried about security...

Still have some blank 96 col cards somewhere, as well as edge-punched (PPT 
format) and 80 col tab cards.


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> From my days at Burroughs writing hardware test programs
> 96 col cards were the standard on the later 1700's
> I had full access from midnight to 7AM but the shop was window only
> until the next night.
> Turn around time during the day could be as much as 4 hours.
> -pete

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