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I can accept someone keeping the front panel and dumping the computer more
so than when on strips a  keyboard from the terminal.

Oh, what!?! I have a totally different opinion on that :-)

Two reasons - One
because with the front panel one can build something underneath to replace
the original computer.

With the stripped keyboard one can build something underneath to replace the original terminal as well. Even easier than the computer.

 Second - The computer may simply be too big to keep

There is no vintage computer in existence that is too big to keep.
There are only vintage computers which are too big for some collectors/persons/institutions/museums/whatever.

But in my opinion it is never ok to scrap a big system and keep the front panel. Not in the 21st century.

Those big irons are getting more and more rare. And there are people and institutions which can mobilise amounts of power, money, will, knowledge and enthusiasm that cannot even be imagined by the common sort of people who scrap, discard and destroy the real interesting machines. Still today.

These dangerous people appear in the form of managers, engineers, professors, <very intelligent whatever scientist>, former users of the systems or even the service technician who took care for the machine for years. And, the newest addition to that creepy army of educated morons: Stupid collectors and replica builders.

I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I have seen things and felt the pain.

So again: There is NO NO NO reason to strip a frontpanel from a machine. It's always wrong. No exception. It's just plain wrong.

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