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> Here is detailed pics of the SGI origin 2000.  Its in my shop tonight
> hoping we can identify whats here.

Some of it at least, not everything is possible to see from looking at 
the hardware.

> Image heavy
> https://imgur.com/a/mdlCW

Ok, I might get things wrong because it's hard to see which box is 
which. But you have two CPU modules (called LEGO). The first has four 
CPU boards, one IO6G, two XTOWN, one SCSI and one ATM board (not sure 
how that is used, some sort of network interconnect). The second has 
three CPU boards, one IO6 and a SCSI board.

It is not possible to tell what the CPU boards are unless you remove 
them, and even then It might be tricky to idenitfy. It is probably 
easier to power up each module by itself and look at the output of 
the "hinv" command in ARCS (the boot firmware).

Each module has two Rack Router Boards (the connectors on the front). 
Which means you can hook up the two cpu modules into one system.

The Graphics module (called KEGO, I think) looks like it has two 
graphics pipes, one to the left with a GE and RM board but missing a DG. 
And one to the right of the KTOWN board which has one GE, two RM and a 

In the rack is also an MMSC which is used to control multiple modules of 
one system.

It looks like you have enough cables to get it going :)

> Also these 19 racks came with it and it looks like some old cluster stuff
> in them
> https://imgur.com/a/feoEq

Not sure what most of it is, except that the DEC POWER CONTROL 861C is 
very much out of place :D

Also the APC PDU's looks like they are monitored, which is nice.


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