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> Anyone out there do Alphas anymore?

I'll pile on with my $0.212 (two cents plus tax).

I started with a VAXStation 4000/90A.  Still have it.  Absorbed that
system into SIMH and upgraded to a Alphastation (server?) 255.  Sold that
the 255 and upgraded again to my current DS10, running OpenVMS 8.3.
Typing on it now in fact, ssh'ed in from $work.

Luckily, I used to work for a company that had data processing services
heavily invested in OpenVMS/DEC/Compaq/HP gear.  I'm sure I acquired the
systems over the years for well below market rates.

I could probably sell the VAX 90A for a pretty large sum of $.  ...  but I
really don't want to ... because then I'd have the money and not the VAX.

If the power bill was free I would upgrade again .... but I have enough
24/7 equipment running in the home office.  :)   ... and I'm always
hunting for more! (an iSeries, perhaps a Multiprise 3000, etc ... )


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