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Hi Bill,

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It's not really Classic Hardware, but it does run some pretty classic
OSes.  Anybody here working with the P112?  I have had a couple for
ages but never had time to play with them.  I see them now as a
possible way to manipulate floppies (including 8") from classic systems
so I decided to give it a try.  Problem is, it won't boot anything.  Not the
disk that came with it and none of the images I got off the web.
Anybody here know anything about them?

I see you have made progress since this post, but I wanted to chime
in. I have two, with GIDE cards, and booting from CF cards. One has the
LAN interface card (see http://stack180.com/). I haven't been using
the floppies, though have always meant to try to get it to do SSSD
8" format for compatibility with tons of CP/M floppies I have.

I was always surprised not to hear more from other p112 users.

There is a mailing list, but the last post I know of was five years
ago when I asked if anyone else was on the list.


It seems that most P112 discussion happens here or on comp.os.cpm.

David Griffith

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