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But that is the old fly in the ointment, other software may not be avilable.

It is, you know.

Smart ass response:
        Who pirated it for you.

I do run windows


The FREE fpga development software is only under windows.

and real text screen UNIX is not aviable anymore.

Sure it is.

I have a nice 18 bit cpu here, with only a few hardware bugs.
Hmm would it work better if I change that around ideas.

Care to point to a nice 18 bit version of unix or C.
BTW The cpu has a frame pointer S but no S++ --S operations
so pushing and popping wild data is not a option.

I mean, there are even text-only distros, such as INX:


... and ADRIANE, a spinoff of Knoppix:


But my hardware (LOW density SD card) is 256 9 bit charaters per
block for disk I/O.

But you can install Debian, Ubuntu or openSUSE in text-only mode with
no GUI if you wish. All the console-mode tools you could want are
available: web browsers, email and chat clients, twitter clients,
music players, etc.

I still have to finish Tomb Raider 1 under DOS(box) First.

Go the whole hog and install Slackware and go back to installing from
tarballs if you wish.

I'd probably suggest openSUSE as the YaST admin tool works in text
mode, so you don't need to know your way around a hundred config files
-- YaST will do that for you.


PS: I do have a better OS kicking around, Oberon but I need a extra
screen and keyboard for it.

Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore's law

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