There are a few cross conversations going on here and in separate e-mail and 
maybe some confusion.

On Friday, I am going to meet Pete to pick up the Suns and do some prep for 
later coming back to get the Alphas and the keypunch. I may also pick up 
Alphas, depending on my judgment on Fri whether I can transport them safely.

There will be a second trip to pick up the keypunch and Alphas not picked up in 
the first trip. It is going to take at least two people to move and load the 
keypunch. I plan on using the first trip to evaluate whether two will be 
enough. Also, Pete says that stuff needs to be moved to access the Alphas and 
the keypunch. I intend to do some of that on the first trip.

One complication is that the guy helping with the second trip is also intended 
in the Alphas.

As far as getting one or more Alpha to Wellsboro ... it would be a race car 
team transporting the machine. I would make arrangements at the race in 
Portland this coming weekend, drop the equipment off with them at the next race 
in WA state and the equipment would be at the race after that in Wellsboro. 
But, at this time, I have not yet identified a team that would do it. They 
would want specifics on the Alphas that I don’t yet have.

Someone asked about the Suns. I am going to bring them home, determine what 
state they are in and, if necessary, do clean up and sysadmin’ing on them. IIRC 
from the photo, there were a couple SS20s, a couple SS5s, a SS1+, what Pete 
described as a prototype SS1 and a system missing a side panel (so I can’t 
identify it, but it appears to be a SS5/20 vintage system). I am interested in 
a SS5 and the prototype for myself and will look for new homes for the rest.


> On Apr 16, 2018, at 6:43 AM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk 
> <> wrote:
> On 04/16/2018 09:14 AM, Pete Lancashire wrote:
> Thanks Pete.  They are the ones I was thinking of.  I can definitely handle
> them.  If Alan's friend (or Alan himself, I wasn't sure about that part of the
> message) can get them to Wellsboro, PA I can pick them up there.
> bill

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